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Choreography Jaekeun Park


Requiem was choreographed while retrospecing the meaning of my life over the death, a pleasure and anguish of life. We were born with bare hands and go back to the mother nature with bare hands. I wanted to express the meaning of life and the death is also a part of our lives as well.

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Choreography Misook Seo

Planning - Mingyu Kwak

Song of Tears

With inspiration from the music of Karl Jenkins who has international reputation using OST, crossover choral, and folk music, Misuk Seo produced a beautiful poetic choreography of ballet dancers with her own unique symphathy. Her recent works with narrative story are well received by audience.

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Choreography Sobin Choi

Stage Manager - Doyeop Lee

Anna Karenina

This ballet is planned to populaize ballet audience by putting many various collaborative factors into traditional ballet works. This ballet is based on Tolstoy’s noble Anna Kerenyna, and I expect it is well received by the audience. Through Anna’s life, I intended to express the humanities and what are love, life, and family of all times.