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Choreography Hyekyung Lim


The term ‘ritual’ is referred to a memorial event. But it is also a term used for repeated activities of people like getting coffee from a cafe, paying a visit to an exhibition, or working out and so on. An individual’s character and life is greatly affected by the surrounded people and the circumstance. And if someone’s daily ‘ritual’ gives positive effects on other people, its significance will be viewed more importantly.

With this point of view, I picture two scenes that are still clear in my mind, A scene where my mom, Mrs, Son bows 108 times on the ground every morning and the scene where my siblings and I dance together with our mom in Waltz music. As time passed by, I realized that my mom’s daily ritual was what empowered herself and her daily life. And Undeniabley, the fun time we had when we danced with our mom made us to trust the world we faced with a strong mind afterword. And I hope that my ritual will have a positive effect on my daughter and other people’s lives

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Choreography Hyunjung Goh


The dance 'Marathon' starts off by asking the question of why human beings desire so many things in life. The movement of dancers represent the nature of human by comparing it with a marathon race. There are lot of different emotions we face throughout life. Such as joy, frustration and sadness. And there is a certain point when it feels like everything is renewed after going through a hard situation, just like finishing a marathon. And life won’t be as painful as we think if we lean on to this kind of strengths we gain through our lives.

A Young man who finishes a marathon race,

will try to run the life of 49.195km with others around him by giving up the egos inside him and realizing the importance of sacrifice and humbleness.

Everyone loses the way once, and everyone makes the way once.

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Choreography Bumgu Lee

The truth which has seen between the relationship

This work is based on Marcel Proust’s novel ' À la recherche du temps perdu-Du côté de chez Swann'. The characters appearing in the works are Swan and
Odette. Swan falls in love with a prostitute named,‘Odette’,even though she is not the type but, at last, he falls in love with uncotrollable love even deeply. Basically, it expresses the love story of Swan and Odette , but it dose not show the drama in the work. It finds five keywords that appears in the process of love: isolate, catch, getting closer, soar, freeing and it focuses on the relationship of love rather than the emotions of love.

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Choreography Sojung Chang(Sonya)

"THAT" Lady

“Even though the world doesn’t know my name and my pain…”

'That Girl', is based on the true story of Korean sex slaves, who were abused by Japanese soldiers during the Japanese Colonial Period in Korea. It has two segments in parts.

The first part shows the kind of fear and horror the girls would have gone through with united and collective movements, and the second part of the dance tries to offer the consolation towards the girls who suffered

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Choreography Jisook Yu


In Classical Ballet, ‘Battement’ is often used in advanced movements.

The movements in ballet are arranged on a systematic sequence. And the movements are expressed artistically. This dance visualizes the process of movements that develop over suffering as a stop point, and express the current ballet image from the past through fusion of video art and technology.It also goes on to the shape of the future. It also displays the image of ballet that has been continuing from past until now and to the future by the integrated harmony of arts and Science.