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Choreographer Eun-mi Lee

Real Fake

The original and real presence do not exist in this society where duplicates pour in ceaselessly. We cannot distinguish what is real and what is fake. I also satisfy with 'myself' in the device, not the real 'myself' in the mirror.

How would it be if ‘fake I’ which seems more real than ‘real I’ meet that ‘real I’? All ‘myselves’ out there littered are me, and now it is not a matter of option. Today we are living, just like ‘you’ and ‘I’.

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Choreographer Soo-jin Chun


In silence the spirit finds the brightest path, and goals that were unidentifiable reveal themselves clearly.

It is something that gives off the biggest echo without making a sound.
Wouldn’t it be the intense silence that will have the strongest power at the very crucial moment?

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Choreographer Gyeong heun Ryu

Distorted Hat

This work is about humans’ desires demonstrating the sacrificed people due to their wrong desires. The white hat is a symbol of desire. The process of the white hat – the symbol of wealth and power - becoming distorted is shown with conflictual structure and tension among the dancers.

Humans fall into temptation of desires for the prohibited even though they are able to distinguish between virtue and vice.
This is also a very natural mechanism of human beings. However, behind those distorted desires should there always be victims. The white hat reflects the agony by turning into red, demonstrating the sorrow of the sacrificed. Nonetheless, the humans ruined by the distorted desires rise and dream once again for what they desire.

Desire is like a double-edged sword; it is an impetus for human development, but at the same time it leaves people crumbled due to their greeds.

Then how can we control these desires?

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Choreographer Mi-Kyung Kwon

인간 그리고 감정

The movement expressing the feelings of the human being. As always, humans put consistent effort in finding the answer for the feelings they have. Even though they feel happiness and sometimes even get hurt in the course and grow through the experiences, it is never easy to find a perfect answer.

Would it be possible to find that answer after going through the long tunnel of life?

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Choreographer Ji-eun Gu

苂 以

Keep light even though you are in the dark.

No matter how dark it is, if there is a ray of light, you can bear that in heart and dance.

You and the light itself have different senses and powers, but within that light, the two become one.

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