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Photo and Video Exhibition, In Memorial of Im-Sung-Nam, in its 15 years mark of his death

The Founding Father of Korean Ballet, the First Artistic Director of Korea National Ballet.

- The First Artistic Director of National Dance Theater and Korea National Ballet

- Tried to start the education of Western Ballet in Korea. He tried to perform 'Afternoon of Faun' and 'Le Spectre de La Rose'

- Choreographed many Korean ballets such as 'Cheo-Yong', 'The Love of Chun-Hyang' and 'Prince Ho-Dong' and other classical ballets

- Tried to imbed the spirits of Korea with the Western form of art in the place where ballet was not known.

- Always tried to create the Korean originated ballet

- Put endless amount of effort to make the foundation in ballet with the spirit of Korea. Not stopping within the boundary of classical ballet.