We are holding the 9th “K-Ballet World” this year, and I hope that many of the events prepared under the slogan of “From art of watching to art of experiencing!” will offer great opportunity to break the stereotype that ballet is difficult and unfamiliar, and spread the ballet culture across Korea.

In Korea, the history of ballet started from the first ballet performance in 1946.

Despite its short history of less than 100 years, Korean ballet is reaching the world-class level.

Meeting Korean ballerinas or ballerinos dancing in prominent ballet teams abroad, I feel that the status of Korean ballet has been elevating. I attribute such results to the important roles played by ballet festivals such as the “K-Ballet World.” The reason is that such festivals provide opportunities for dancers and students studying ballet to dance on diverse stages. As for the audience, the festivals spark their interest in ballets, and not only do the festivals enable the audience to watch the performances but also to become familiar with experiencing ballet. "Ballet! Looking Backward! Going Forward!,” the main event of this festival, is a ballet performance with commentaries. One can have a look at the history and

the present of ballet that has provided heavenly joy in human life. Also during this event, various performances will be presented, such as the Gala performances of classical and contemporary works by the best ballet teams

and stars from Korea and abroad, and creative performances by newly debuted choreographers. Other special programs such as outdoor ballet concerts and seminars will take place in order to expand the ground for ballet and provide the local people with opportunities to enjoy the pleasure of culture and art. These events are all planned to contribute to both popularization and globalization of ballet and strengthen the competitiveness of Korean ballet.

I show my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the establishment of “2016 K-Ballet World.”

President of The Korea Ballet Association
Jeong-im Do

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