It is so great to meet everyone in the , one of the biggest international ballet festivals in the world.

The is celebrating its 10th year. Under the slogan of “Let’s spread the beauty of Korean ballet to the world!”, it would become a significant event to spread the beauty of ballet in the world, with many events happening under its roof.

The history of Korean ballet goes all the way back to 1946, when the country had its first ballet performance on stage. And even though it hasn’t been a 100 years yet, the recognition on Korean ballet is growing higher than ever before. Now, there are many Korean male and female ballet dancers dancing for some of the greatest ballet companies in the world. And the event like and other international events had played a significant role in contribution towards the growth of Korean Ballet. Especially, the Ballet 'Cheo-Yong', the main performance of the festival is a choreography dedicated for the memorial of a Korean dancer, Im- Sung- Nam, who passed away 15 years ago. This ballet piece re-creates the original choreography of 'Cheo-Yong' of Im- Sung-Nam. The threats of terrorism and hatred among different groups of people are wilder than ever before at this time. And what we need right now is acceptance towards each other and generosity in our hearts. The ballet 'Cheo-Yong' will remind us the importance of acceptance and generosity in humanity by the form of ballet. Also, it will contribute greatly to the growth of Korean Ballet.

In this festival, there will be beautiful ballet performances by great ballet dancers such as Lucia Lacarra, the Principal dancer of Germany Barbarian Ballet, Marlon Dino, the Principal dancer from Dortmund Ballet of Germany, Nina Kaptsova and Alexander Volchkov, the Principal dancers of Bolshoi Ballet. Other great ballet dancers and companies will perform classical and contemporary pieces in the Gala Show. Not only that, existing choreographers will present their choreographies on stage and some new choreographers will get the chance to present their creations to the world. Moreover, there will be a Forum, regarding the matter of the education of ballet and its societal role. All of the performances and events will be dedicated to spread the beauty of ballet in public and also to the growth of ballet in Korea.

I thank all the people who have been working hard for the [K-Ballet World 2017] and I hope all the audience will enjoy the show and continue their interest and love towards the beauty of ballet. Please enjoy the festival with the breeze of autumn!

President of The Korea Ballet Association
Jeong-im Do

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