Welcome to 2018 K-Ballet World!

The K-Ballet World is celebrating its 11th year along the Korea Ballet Association's slogan "World Ballet to Korea, Korean Ballet to the World!". I hope the 2018 K-Ballet World could make the audience feel that the culture of ballet or dance is every corner of your life

Although its relatively short history started with the first ballet performance in 1946, many talented Korean ballet dancers are performing in worldwide well-known prestigious ballet companies all around the world. We are very proud that the K-Ballet World has contributed to the progression of Korean ballet and KBA will be continuing to introduce Korean ballet to the world and vice versa.

Especially, we proudly present the World Ballet Stars Gala performed by prestigious stars such as Nina Kaptsova, Alexander Volchkov, Timur Askerov, Kristina Shapran, the Korea National Ballet, the Universal Ballet, etc. There is another big event in the 2018 K-Ballet World planned to introduce ballet history to the audience. It is a lecture performance titled that Julia Moon who is the Icon of ballet with interpretation, Kim Yonggul, Kim Jiyoung, and legendary ballet people in Korea participate in.

Performances of the Evening of Prominent Choreographers and Rising Choreographers are very important and meaningful events for us as well to promote the creation of new repertories. For the K-Ballet Forum, we are going to discuss the agenda .

I sincerely express my gratitude to the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan City, and Arts Council Korea for their subsidies. I also would like to express my great appreciation to K-Ballet World Committee members, KBA board members, and KBA sponsors for organizing this enormous event. We could not make it without your perspiration and dedication. Lastly, I hope you all could enjoy the world of 2018 K-Ballet.

Korea Ballet Association President
Jung-Im Do

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