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Cheo-Yong, The Finale Performance

Ballet 'Cheo-Yong', the dance of Generosity and Reconciliation!

The encounter of Western Ballet and traditional Korean folktale in Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms.

'Cheo-yong' is selected 2017 K-Ballet world closing work of art,

‘Cheo-Yong’, directed by Korea Ballet Association, in memorial of Im-Sung-Nam on the 15th year after his death, the founding father of Korean Ballet. ’

'Cheo-yong' succeeded in the teacher of Seongnam Lim's spirit.

[The main purpose in the creation of new 'Cheo-Yong': To produce a new ballet choreography that is based on Korean folklore and thus creating a Korean born ballet repertoire.]

The completion in the philosophy and form of Korean Ballet by re-creating the existing Korean ballet repertoire.
Production of Korean originated ballet for the growth of Korean Ballet and introducing it to the world.
Materializing the societal and cultural values of Korean Ballet by creating ballet that contains historical characters of Korea.


King Hungang and his liege men are offering to the god of the sky and earth in foggy and cloudy Gaeunpo. The priestess who is leading the ritual ceremony is forming the energy of Taeguk with female shamans and bringing rain and wind.

Gain is a matchless woman leaving a beautiful light in her path, and a rebellious god is giving her a look of adoration and vigilantly awaiting an opportunity. The rebellious god is making Gain’s mind confused, and a group of rebellious gods are making a surprising attack on the people and Gaeunpo with the image of the devil and red blood.

At first, the rebellious god and other gods on his side seems to seize the chance to victory, but Cheoyong, who is a son of a dragon in East Sea, and his brothers come down from the sky with the moonlight and defeat the rebellious gods.

King Hungang, who has been watching this, grants a government position of Geupgan to Cheoyong, and gives Gain for his wife. Cheyong and Gain form a harmonious life while dancing in love. Cheoyong goes to Seoul with King Hungang and rules the nation with him, and throws a congratulatory banquet and enjoys a festival.

The priests and female shamans are exorcising for safety and security for the palace.

The night of the festival deepens, and the light of the moon shines on the back and carefully continues the feast of light in the line.
The rebellious god enters into the detached house of Gain with vengeance. He transformed into Cheoyong and slept with Gain. As Cheoyong sees four legs, he becomes embarrassed and withdraws himselft quietly while singing and dancing. As soon as the rebellious god takes off the mask of Cheoyong, Gain tries to escape and faces with fear, but she ends up being raped by the group of rebellious gods.

Later, Cheoyong comes back home and approaches Gain, but Gain throws herself from the top of a big rock due to the sense of guilt that she did not keep chastity.
Cheoyong sees what Gain did, and he screams and becomes harassed by agony. He starts to dance of pipe and reaches nirvana, and dance Byuksamu with his brothers.
While seeing Cheoyong in nirvana, the rebellious god and other gods realize that they cannot exert their wicked energy anymore and they did self-destruction. Rebellious gods withdraw themselves even if they only see the image of Cheoyong.

A young rebellious god appears and keeps an eye of the road of people.

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Gunpo Prime Philharmonic Orchestra

1997년 2월 창단된 군포 프라임필하모닉오케스트라는 국내외 정상급 지휘자를 영입하고 우수한 기량과 열의를 갖춘 연주자들로 단원을 구성하여 교향악은 물론 오페라, 발레 등 극장음악 전문 오케스트라로서 전문성을 인정받고 있다.

매년 4회 이상의 정기연주회와 국내외 주요 오페라 및 발레공연, 문화예술회관의 기획공연 등을 포함하여 연 100회 이상의 공연을 소화해내고 있다.
2000년 군포문화예술회관의 상주단체로 선정되어 지역 문화 활성화에 기여하고 있는 군포 프라임필은 2009년부터 시행된 공연장 상주단체 육성지원사업의 롤 모델로서 자리매김하고 있다.

지금까지 102회의 정기연주회를 비롯한 약 2,000여회의 공연을 통해 다양한 음악적 색채를 구현하는 매력적인 오케스트라라는 평가를 받고 있으며, 국내 교향악단 발전의 새로운 패러다임을 제시하고 있다.