Hi, I’m Do-Jong-Hwan, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry of Korea.

I send my sincere congratulation to the opening of 'K-Ballet World 2017' And I send my thanks to all the people who have been working hard for this event, including President Do-Jung-Im and the board members of Korea Ballet Association. And also all the dancers who will shine on stage.

The 'K-Ballet World 2017' celebrates its 10th year anniversary. And the event has been offering various performances and contributing a lot towards the growth of Ballet in Korea. Number of Ballet companies and dancers in and outside of Korea has been presenting the beauty of ballet on stage to the people in Korea.

This year, prestigious ballet companies around the world such as Mariinsky Ballet from St.Petersburg, Russia are coming to Korea. And for the finale, the new version of ballet 'Cheo-Yong' will be revealed in the memorial of Im-Sung-Nam, the first president of Korea National Ballet and the founding father of Ballet in Korea. 'Cheo-Yong' is a Korean born ballet that contains the spirits of Korea. It is also a choreography that shows the spirit of love in mankind. I hope all the audience will enjoy the ballet which contributed a lot on the growth of Korean born ballet.

As a secretary of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry of Korea, I promise that the ministry will the best to offer the environment where all the artists can unfold their artistic talents. We will make sure that the boundary and creation in artistic field will always be secured and protected. We will also do our best to create the environment where everyone can enjoy arts in their local areas and everyday lives.

I congratulate once again, for the opening of this festival and I hope everyone will have a wonderful time enjoying ballet.

Minister of Culture Sports and Tourism Ministry of Korea Jong-Hwan Do

Hi , I am Park Won Soon, the mayor of Seoul.

First of all, I send my congratulation to the 'K-Ballet World 2017'

Now we are living in the world where it is essential and even desperate to make the world a place where everyone can find happiness. So it is important to respect others and consider human being as most important than any other factors.

One of the positive ways to make the world a better place is to make people emotionally happy with the form of arts. World will become a happier place when people can enjoy arts and share that experience together, not when individuals confine themselves in their boundaries. And this is the true value that art has.

From this point of view, Ballet is a beautiful movement of art that changes the world and speaks to people’s hearts. It is not just another form of art.

Just as our art culture has to reach out to ‘people’, I think 'K-Ballet World 2017' will offer a chance for people to get closer to the world of Ballet by numbers of creative performances and events from different dancers.

I send my thanks to Do-Jung-Im, the president of the 'Korea Ballet Association', and all the people who have been working hard for the growth of Korean Ballet. And I thank all the people who have been supporting the event with the love and passion they have towards ballet.
Thank you,

The Mayor of Seoul Won-Soon Park

I congratulate the opening of 'K-Ballet World 2017'

In this period of time, everything is changing within the time of an eye blink. And Art is what makes our lives rich and abundant with its beauty. Art also plays the important role of giving people consolation. Especially in the 21st Century, the spirit of challenge and creativity are becoming the important factors in competence. And It is the time for us to find the political and societal way to support the world of art and focus on the growth of it.

World is in need of Artistic medium that could appeal and speak to different people in the world. And I think 'K-Ballet World 2017' is an example of advanced artistic movement that will shine the new light upon Korean Ballet. Not only that, the event will also offer a floor of communication where people can share their thoughts and opinions through Ballet.

In response, 'The Supporter Association of KBA' is working hard to make contribution towards the growth of arts and economy and the expansion of its cornerstone by actively supporting artistic events. And we believe this movement will eventually make our society a better, a mature place.

As a good friend of Ballet who dreams of the world where ballet could be shared and enjoyed by everyone, I hope 'K-Ballet World 2017' will be successful. Also, I pay my deepest respect to the members of the Supporter Association, President Do-Jung-Im of KBA, and the board members who worked hard for this event to happen and who always try their best for the growth of Dance field.

I hope this international event will spread the beauty of Western and Eastern culture combined and provide the floor towards professional and quality performances of Korean Ballet through the full support from the Supporter Association.

Thank you.

President of the 'Supporter Association of KBA' Joong-Geun Oh

I would like to welcome you at the 2017 K-Ballet World – a major ballet event organized by the Korea Ballet Association and Korea Ballet Foundation. 

Dear friends,

I would like to welcome you at the 2017 K-Ballet World – a major ballet event organized by the Korea Ballet Association and Korea Ballet Foundation. 

Today we have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and variety of repertoire of both Korean and overseas ballet stars, who have gained recognition from both professionals and ballet lovers all around the world. Among today’s performers are soloists from Russia’s two major ballet companies – Nina Koptsova and Alexander Volchkov from the Bolshoi theatre and Olesya Novikova and Leonid Sarafanov from Maryinskyi theater.

I am confident that this Gala is yet another important event in musical and art life of Korea and will help strengthen cultural ties and creative cooperation between our nations.

Ambassador of Russia ALEXANDER A. TIMONIN