I send my sincere congratulation to <2018 K-Ballet World>

Hello! I am Jong-Hwan Do, the minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism .
Also, I send my sincere thanks to all the people who have worked hard for this event, including President Jung-Im Do and executive director Jae-Hong Park as well as all dancers who perform in this events.

The <2018 K-Ballet World> celebrates its 11th anniversary. It has presented various performances to contribute to the growth of ballet in Korea. Many prestigious ballet companies and dancers in and outside of Korea presented the beauty of ballet to the audience through the stage of K-Ballet World.

This year of K-Ballet World presents various events to meet the artistry of ballet and for its popularity. The World Ballet Stars Gala present prestigious ballet stars and companies such as Bolshoi Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, Korea National Ballet, and the Universal Ballet.

Many Korean ballet stars perform in the History Lecture Ballet to introduce ballet for its popularity. We can also encounter new ballet works in the Evening with Rising and Prominent Choreographers. Many current ballet issues in Korea will be discussed in K-Ballet Forum.

I hope people could enjoy these various events. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism support all people to experience various art forms based on the vision 'Culture for the people-Cultural Vision 2030' to pursue Korea that has the culture of life and people first, the culture of cooperation and diversity, and the life balanced.

I congratulate the K-Ballet World once again and wish for this event to be loved by the audience.

The Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Ministry - Jong-Hwan Do

Hello! I'm Won-Soon Park, the mayor of Seoul City.

First of all, I send my congratulation to the hold by the Korea Ballet Association.

Now we are living in the world where it is essential and even desperate to make the world a place where everyone can find happiness. So it is important to respect others and consider the human being as most important than any other factors. One of the positive ways to make the world a better place is to make people emotionally happy with the form of arts. The world will become a happier place when people can enjoy arts and share that experience together, not when individuals confine themselves in their boundaries and this is the true value of arts I believe.

From this point of view, ballet is a beautiful movement of art that changes the world and speaks to people’s heart. Just like our art culture has to reach out to ‘people’, I think will offer a chance for people to get closer to the world of ballet.

I send my special thanks to Do-Jung-Im, the president of the Korea Ballet Association, and all the people who have been working hard for the growth of Korean Ballet as well as all the people who have been supporting the event with the love and passion.
Finally, I would like to congratulate to the 2018 K-Ballet World again and hope the KBA could be a leader of arts, culture, and traditional value for the people.

Thank you.

The Mayor of Seoul City - Won-Soon Park

I congratulate the <2018 K-Ballet World>!

While everything is changing so quickly, The arts are what make our lives rich and abundant with its beauty. Also, the arts play an important role in giving people consolation. Furthermore, challenge and creativity become the most important factors of competency in the new millennium. Therefore, now we have plenty of reasons to support the arts for us.

The world is in need of an artistic medium that could make people in the world communicate and 2018 K-Ballet World could be a good example. This event offers a ground for people to share their thoughts and opinions through ballet or dance even without a word. From that point of view, we have been working hard to sponsor ballet events and we believe our effort eventually make our society better and mature. I also hope this international ballet event could foster the beauty of Western and Eastern cultures blended towards its unique figure what we pursue indeed.

Lastly, as a sponsor of the Korea Ballet Association, I wish a great success. Also, I would like to express my respect for Jung-Im Do, the president of the KBA, and board members for their hard working to organize this event.

Thank you.

Korea Ballet Association Supporters President - Joong-Geun Oh