Congratulations on opening the “K-Ballet World,” a representative Korean ballet festival where ballet stars from all over the world gather to present astonishing performances.

To the audience who came to the festival, it is a pleasure to meet you all. Notable creative ballet groups and stars from Korea and abroad have been showing up on this stage to display the sentiments and charm of ballet. This year, internationally renowned groups, including the Kremlin Ballet of Russia, will also be showing elegant performances. There will be ballet performances with commentaries that guide the audience to have an entire view of the range from Renaissance to the modern times, from the royal family to the commoners, from the East to the West, and from history to today.

In order to expand the foundation for ballet and provide opportunities for the local residents to enjoy culture and art, many special programs and events are planned in accordance to the different tastes of the audience, such as the outdoor ballet concert, ballet market & exhibition, and seminars.

I hope that as an event open to everyone to appreciate, “2016 K-Ballet World” will become a kind of festival that can promote interaction and communication. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will also strive to make Korea into a country of flourishing cultures, where all the citizens can take delight in culture and art, including ballet, in their everyday lives.

I would like to offer words of appreciation and encouragement to everyone in the operating committee for working with great effort for the “2016 K-Ballet World.” I wish that this event will be remembered by everyone who loves art and ballet as a beautiful and valuable moment.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism - Yoon-sun Cho

I heartily congratulate the initiation of Korea Ballet Association's "2016 K-Ballet World."

I would like to convey my warm greetings to President Jeong-im Do of Korea Ballet Association and every staff member who has put in much effort for the success of the festival.

The 21st century is called the century of culture and art, and the importance of art is increasing day by day. Art and culture cover so many sectors that it is almost impossible to find a part of our lives that is not related to them. Economic development backs up the development of culture and art, and the development of culture and art also circulate the economy. Now the world is facing an era where culture and art have become a form of industry under the name “Cultural Industry.” Culture and art have become necessary elements in enhancing the nation's competitiveness and the quality of our lives.

Art can shine even more brightly when it is shared by more people. This festival is composed of various performances of the best ballet dancers from Korea and abroad, along with a diversity of programs aimed for the general public. I hope "2016 K-Ballet World" will present a great opportunity to spread the ballet culture across the globe.

I would like to offer words of appreciation and encouragement to the members of Korea Ballet Association's organizing committee who have gone to great length for this festival, and the artists who provide excellent performances. I would also like to show my gratitude to everyone present at the festival.

I hope for the success of "2016 K-Ballet World.”

Chairman of Arts Council Korea - Myung-jin Park

Congratulations on opening the“ 2016 K-Ballet World”

Right when we are pursuing a cultural nation for the purpose of cultural prosperity, the news about the opening of an international ballet festival that represents Korea, the “K-Ballet World,” deems invaluable and significant.

The true value of art lies in attracting more people to enjoy it and to live joyful, abundant lives. Especially at this moment in time when the pleasure of enjoying cultural art, the purest and the most beautiful method of communication, is desperately needed, I have high hopes that the “K-Ballet World” hosted by The Korea Ballet Association can play a role of providing peace and relaxation in the minds of everyone. Korean ballet has grown exponentially. Our ballet will stand as among the top on the international stage, and I believe that it will also enhance the power of our nation.

The various programs caught my eyes. In the “Gala Performance,” people will see the beauty of traditional ballet by dancers from internationally renowned ballet companies. In the “New Choreographers’ Creative Ballets” people will feel the freshness of the creative dances.

Lastly, the program “Looking Backwards! Going Forwards!” will become a catalyst for those who are not familiar with ballet or choreography to become lovers of the kind. I wish that “K-Ballet World” will be able to spread the joy and beauty of ballet to diverse audiences through the various programs that the event presents. I also look forward to the great development of Korean ballet.

Busan International Film Festival Honorary Festival Director - Dong-ho Kim

Congratulations on the opening of “2016 K-Ballet World” hosted by The Korea Ballet Association

The “K-Ballet World” is a significant annual festival where ballet artists from all over the world gather in one place to meet the audience. I am much more delighted this year, for the Latvian National Ballet can participate in the opening act with various ballet performers from nations such as Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Korea.

The Latvian National Ballet in Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a representative ballet company of Latvia that has succeeded to the tradition of classical ballet with a long history, not to mention that it has also developed in accordance to the taste of the contemporary society.

I am confident that it will provide ecstasy to the audience with the excellent skills of the performers. Although we only came to Korea in a small group this year, I hope this opportunity will lay the foundation for the day when the entire group comes to meet the audience.

Our embassy believes that one of the most important factors in strengthening the relationship between nations is human interchange. We look forward to the moment when we meet Korean artists in Latvia.

We also hope to introduce more competent Latvian artists to Korea. Once again, I sincerely wish for the success of “K-Ballet World,” and I would also like to show my gratitude to The Korea Ballet Association for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

Latvian Ambassador to Korea - Pēteris Vaivars

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde des klassischen Balletts,

mehr als fünfhundert Jahre nach seiner Entwicklung an europäischen Fürstenhöfen hat das klassische Ballett nichts von seiner Faszination verloren. Auch heute sind wir noch begeistert von den anspruchsvollen Tänzen, die durch immer einfallsreichere und anspruchsvolle Inszenierungen perfektioniert werden.

Hierzu trägt auch die neunte Auflage des „K-Ballett World“ bei, die neben Tänzerinnen und Tänzern aus Korea, Lettland, Kasachstan und Russland auch wieder ein Ballettprogramm aus Deutschland präsentieren. Ich freue mich daher ganz besonders, dass die vier Tänzerinnen und Tänzer Johanna Hwang, Arshak Ghalumyan, Arman Grigoryan und Krasina Strashimirova des renommierten Berliner Staatsballetts dieses Jahr das Stück „Heute ist das gestern von morgen“ von Raimondo Rebeck aufführen werden.

Ich möchte der Korea Ballett Association für die Zusammenstellung und Organisation dieses abwechslungsreichen und interessanten Programms besonders danken. Diese Internationalität unterstreicht die wachsende Bedeutung, die das klassische Ballett nicht nur in Europa sondern auch in Korea genießt.

Uns allen wünsche ich viel Freude an den Aufführungen.

Botschafter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Stephan Auer