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Berlin Staatsballett - Heute ist das Gestern von Morgen

Choreography - Raimondo Rebeck / Music - Max Richter

The rhetorical title of ă€ˆToday is the Yesterday of Tomorrow> makes us wonder. With the music of Max Richter and choreography of Raimondo Rebeck who is working in Germany, the piece is gaining favorable reviews from the audience by metaphorically designing the pas de deux through smooth and keen moves and connecting and separating.

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Berlin Staatsballett - Cuatro

Cuatro means 4 in Spanish. Arshak Ghalumyana of Berlin Staatsballett choreographed this 10-minute-long piece specially for four dancers who are participating in 2016 K-Ballet. It is the story of four statues who gained life and go through several experiments, only to fail. However, in the end, they find the most ideal form that suits each of them.

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Berlin Staatsballett - Andras(solo)

Choreography - Arshak Ghalumyan / Music - Max Richter / Performer - Arman Grigoryan

A solo work which Arshak Ghalumyan, a soloist in Staatsballet Berlin, added choreography to Max Richter's music. With the content demonstrating a man's changes that occur since his/her birth, it presents movements and senses of Armand Grigoryan.

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Berlin Staatsballett - Rossini Card(solo)

Choreography - Mauro Bigonzetti / Music - Gioachino Rossini / Performer - Johanna Hwang

ă€ˆRossini Cards> is a work which an active Italian contemporary choreographer in Europe Mauro Bigonzetti choreographed on Rossini's music, organized in a form of parade by weaving the ironic aspects of the human being into several scenes. The solo part among them is now performed, excerpted as a designated piece for gala performances and concours; it is also the designated piece for Prix de Lausanne Contemporary 2016 as well.